KBK Studios has delivered and worked on various project types of various sizes. each drawing set (package) include:
1. Site analysis and zoning allowance in your area.
2. Conceptual design development.
3. Project Planning (Minor Variances, Severance, and zoning by-law amendment).
4. Construction drawings detailing and assembly detail.
5. Communication with planning, building-staff, and other involved entities such as conservation authorities to obtain permits.
6. All engineering drawings (structural, mechanical, and life safety).
Here are a few samples of some of the projects we successfully delivered:

Sample of an application package for a Basement Apartment (Secondary Suit) in an existing Semi-Detached Bungalow.


Sample of an application package to license an existing unlicensed basement apartment in Newmarket, Ontario.


Sample of an application package for: 

– Re-finishing part of basement.                                  

– Interior alterations.                                                         

– Removing a load bearing wall on the first floor.   

– Application for basement secondary suite.           

– Enclosing front porch.                                                   

– Replacing existing exterior steps. 


Sample of an application package for a:                   

– Second storey addition.                                               

– Renovation.                                                                       

– Secondary suite basement apartment.                   

– Demolition of rear room above deck.


Sample of an application package for a Preliminary review prior Committee of Adjustment for demolishing existing house and build a new two storey single family dwelling.


Sample of an application package for a custom house Minor Variance Application – Traditional style in Toronto – Ontario.

Sample 02-WorkingDrawing-Permit-1

Sample of an application package for constructing a new single family dwelling house on a lot where a Bungalow will be demolished.


Sample of an application package for:           

– Interior alterations of an existing two storey house.

– Secondary storey addition above grade and front yard addition.


Sample of an application package for:                     

– Interior alterations.                                                       

– Re-finishing part of the basement.                           

– Removing wall on first floor.                                         

– Altering ceiling joists (Cathedral Ceiling).


Sample of an application package for:                     

– Underpinning foundation walls of a Semi-detached single family dwelling and bench on party wall side (No administrative permit required).

– Interior alterations, Plumbing work.

– Structural alterations.

– Exterior alterations (New windows).

– New stairs (step out) to basement.

– New rear deck.

– Remove existing fireplace & chimney.